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Health Office

Students and parents should keep the health technician informed of any special health matters or change of address and emergency telephone numbers. 

All prescription or over-the-counter medication must be kept in the health office with a School Medication Form (available from the health technician & attached below).  All prescription medication must have a School Medication Form filled out by a physician indicating the type of medication, the amount to be taken and the time to be administered. The adult designee should deliver all medications needed at school, except those medications that the student is authorized to carry.

Over-the-counter meds (i.e. Tylenol) must be in unopened, sealed containers.  Students must have a pass from the teacher before going to the health office which is located in the main office. 

All discontinued or outdated medications are returned to adults only.  Medication will not be sent home with students.

Any student coming to school with crutches, must have a written doctor’s note stating that the student must have crutches and for the period of time that the crutches are to be used.

Medication Form Page 1

Medication Form Page 2