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Counseling Program


Ms. Ridgeway

Phone: (909) 949-7770 x 31305

Send Email: click here


Ms. Arguello

Phone: (909) 949-7770 x 31304

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Need to see a Counselor?

RIDGEWAY (A-K, 8th Grade L's) Counseling Appointments  can be made at the below link:

Students: click here

Parents: click here

ARGUELLO (M-Z, 7th Grade L's) Counseling Appointments can be made at the below link:

Students: click here

Parents:  click here 

We look forward to helping your child achieve!



As professional school counselors, we take pride in our role within schools and working with students with a variety of concerns.  Whether it is personal, social, academic, or career related.  It is important that we provide students a safe, reliable space when they feel they need additional support from their school counselor.  In agreeance with the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) Ethical Standards, it is our responsibility to keep topics/ issues discussed with students confidential, unless:

  • the student reports they are hurting themselves or want to hurt themselves
  • the student reports someone else is hurting them or has threatened to hurt them
  • the student reports that they are going to cause harm to another person

Under these circumstances, we make the professional decision to contact the appropriate support or authorities, including notifying parents/guardians.  Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.




The mission of the Upland Unified School Counseling Program is to provide comprehensive support to assist students with academic, social/emotional, and college and career planning, while building relationships and meeting individual student needs. The counseling program will ensure all students feel confident in their future goals and are prepared to take ownership of their post-secondary plans. The counselors will collaborate with all stakeholders to ensure every student receives equitable services every day and are ready to be positive members of society.



Pioneer Junior High is proud to share that our counselors collectively have over 21 years of counseling experience.  They are constantly advocating for student needs and program improvements.  They are dedicated to try and meet the needs of all students, regardless of any struggles they come into junior high with.  They know junior high is a challenging time for teens and look forward to the opportunity to advocate for students and families keeping their long term interests in mind.  The counselors offer monthly workshops for parents to help them as they navigate the junior high years.





Pioneer Junior High School is proud to be in partnership with California Colleges through Upland Unified School District.


Each of our amazing students has a personal California Colleges account that they can access throughout the school year and summer.  This account will grow with them until the graduate from Upland High!  It was help them stay on college Prep track (A-G Courses), allow them opportunities to take interest surveys for jobs and majors.  Work on college planning and explore what schools offer programs they are interested in.  It can go over financial aide and much much more!  


Your child will be exposed to two lessons per year in their English classes and you can spend much more time on your own in the program.  We are excited to share this opportunity and help all of our students be College Ready!




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Cyberbullying is the use of technology - cell phones, texts, computers, blogs, emails, chats, apps, etc. - to make someone feel bad or unsafe.  It can include sending mean or threatening messages, spreading rumors, purposely leaving people out, impersonating others to embarrass them, and more.  It is EXTREMELY damaging and harmful with victims suffering from low self-esteem, lack of confidence, and depression.  Please think about this when allowing your child access to these programs, devices, and sites.  Below are a few websites to help you and your teen fully understand online safety, cyberbullying and how to protect themselves.  Please know that our best advice, is to use at a minimum to protect yourself.