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8th Grade History


Loose leaf college-ruled binder paper                      

Blue or Black Pens, and a  Red pen for correcting


Pioneer Student Planner

Text book

Two pocket folder to keep all materials neat and organized

Student stapler and staples


Come prepared to learn each and every day.

Respect teachers, classmates, and school property at all times.

Follow all written and oral directions.

Always have a positive attitude. 


I will demonstrate courtesy and respect at all times.

I will be prepared to teach your class.

I will return assignments in a timely manner.

I will always give you my personal best.

8th Grade History 


The California State Standard

The California State Standards for 8th Grade Social Science include the following:

 8.1  Students understand the major events preceding the founding of the nation and relate their significance to the development of American constitutional democracy.

8.2  Students analyze the political principles underlying the U.S. Constitution and compare the enumerated and implied powers of the federal government.

8.3  Students understand the foundation of the American political system and the ways in which citizens participate in it.

8.4  Students analyze the aspirations and ideals of the people and the new nation.

8.5  Students analyze U.S. foreign policy in the early Republic.

8.6  Students analyze the divergent paths of the American people from 1800 to the mid-1800’s and the challenges they faced, with emphasis on the Northeast.

8.7  Students analyze the divergent paths of the American people in the South from 1800 to the mid-1800s and the challenges they faced. 

8.8  Students analyze the divergent paths of the American people in the West from 1800 to the mid-1800s and the challenges they faced.

8.9  Students analyze the early and steady attempts to abolish slavery and to realize the ideals of the Declaration of Independence.

8.10  Students analyze the multiple causes, key events, and complex consequences of the Civil War.

8.11  Students analyze the character and lasting consequences of Reconstruction.

8.12  Students analyze the transformation of the American economy and the changing social and political conditions in the United States in response to the Industrial Revolution.



Homework will be given 3-4 times per week.  This may include written work, studying, preparing, or reading.  Homework is expected to be completed and turned in in a timely manner.  Two Homework Coupons will be given per trimester and may be used according to the guidelines.  Homework Coupons are due at the time of and in lieu of the assignment.  In the case of an absence, students will have one day to make up missing work for each day missed.   Writing assignments and culminating projects will be deducted points for each day turned in late.