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Daily Student Bulletin




AUGUST 22, 2022



TODAY’S SCHEDULE: Homeroom, 1, 2, 3, 4 ,5 ,6

ATTENTION: Students that did not attend Schedule Pick Up Day and did not check in at the front tables this morning need to come to the office now.

PLANNERS:  Student Planners will be handed out in homeroom. All students MUST bring their planner with them to school each & every day. Detentions will be assigned if you do not have your planner.

STUDENTS:  PLEASE take the time NOW to write your schedule in your planner this morning during homeroom- INCLUDE THE ROOM NUMBERS. The office will NOT be printing out new schedules if you lose yours.

CLASS SCHEDULE: You are to use the new schedule that was handed to you in Homeroom this morning.  Do not use the schedule you received on Schedule Pick-Up Day.  If your address or telephone numbers are not correct please see the office at lunch or after school. 

SCHEDULE ISSUES:  If you are missing a math, English, science, history or PE class or are missing a class period (ie – no class scheduled for period 2) – please come into the office to see a counselor during that class time.  DO NOT COME DURING HOMEROOM!

PE CLASSES:  All PE classes will meet on the blacktop, which is located behind the locker rooms. Students will not dress out in PE uniforms for the first few days of school. PE teachers will let students know when they will start dressing out.

STUDENTS: Most of the Bulletin/PSN information is posted under “Student Resources” section on the Pioneer website by 4pm the day before. Please get into the habit of checking this section DAILY for information on class rotations, clubs, sports and other important information that you will need and are expected to know. This is where you will also find information on clubs as they start up throughout the school year. 

COMPACT DAY REMINDER: Remind your parents that EVERY Wednesday for the ENTIRE school year are COMPACT DAYS – school is dismissed at 1:25 Every Wednesday.

BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT: Back to School Night will be held on Wednesday, August 24th from 6:30 - 8pm

MINIMUM DAY – Please remind your parents, This Friday, August 26th, is a Minimum Day. School will be dismissed at 12PM. REMINDER: Students are not allowed to visit/interrupt other schools during their school hours.