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Dress Code


It is our responsibility to develop a dress code that promotes academic achievement and career readiness. At PJH, students are expected to wear clothing that is suitable for a positive and professional learning environment. While we understand there is a diversity of family preferences and expectations for how our students dress, as a school we must create a standard policy for all of our students. All students must follow the dress code while at school and/or while attending school functions. 


All shirts, tops, and dresses must have sleeves and completely cover the upper body, shoulders and midriff.  

Clothing must conceal undergarments and no low necklines (no cleavage showing).  

No sleepwear/pajamas/blankets are allowed, unless permitted for special events. 


Shorts, skirts, and dresses must be at least the length where the line of your fingers and palm meet when arms are held at the side.

Bottoms may not be revealing from the backside.

Jeans, shorts or pants with holes in them may be worn, but administration has final say AND holes should not be above the length where the line of your fingers and palm meet when arms are held at the side.

Pants may not be worn lower than the hips.

Sports/PE shorts may not be worn under pants, jeans, or shorts NOR as day wear. 


Foot apparel must be worn at all times.  

For safety reasons,  students’ footwear should have heel coverage. 

Slippers and slides are not permitted (this includes Crocks with no backs). 


Any headgear (hats, beanies, hoodies) and/or sunglasses must be promptly removed when entering any building on campus.  

Hats/Head coverings are allowed outdoors for sun protection. In order to be considered as sun protection they must have at least 1 ½ inch wide brim that goes around the entire circumference of the hat.

Beanies are allowed outdoors during cold weather.

  *Medical or religious head coverings are exempt from the requirement. 



• All clothing must be size appropriate. This applies to loose fitting or overly tight and revealing garments. 

• Apparel or accessories that are considered dangerous or a health hazard are prohibited (i.e. earrings larger than a quarter, spiked earrings, nose rings).  

• Clothing/Apparel containing symbols/slogans oriented towards degrading ethnicity, gender, religion, ethnic values, promoting profanity, obscenity, sex, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, weapons and violence are prohibited.  

• Clothes affiliated with gangs/crews or that present a gang appearance are not permitted. This includes, but is not limited to: (1) Paraphernalia that are gang-related or inappropriate such as chains, bandanas, gloves, socks pulled up to meet shorts or “cut off” pants and gang-related logos, (2) Sporting or flying colors such as excessive red or blue outfits, red or blue shoe laces, red shirts and shoes, etc.  

• P.E. clothes may not be worn outside of the student’s P.E. class or under school clothes.  

• Any type of clothing that the administration deems to be inappropriate at school will be brought to a parent/guardian’s attention. 


As fashion trends change, there may be a need to modify dress standards. When this occurs, students and parents/guardians will be notified through the school website, Aeries Communication, discussions with staff and/or announcements. Please call the school at any time for clarification prior to the purchase of school clothing. Inappropriate clothing may be confiscated and released to parents/guardians. Parent/guardian support in encouraging students to dress appropriately is greatly appreciated. 

Students who violate the dress standards will be subject to disciplinary action/consequences consisting of but not limited to receiving a detention, and/or changing into loaner clothes.  Continued violations could result in further disciplinary action. 

2023/2024 Pioneer Dress Code